Galway Girls

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Started speaking a bit more about food. The hostel life leads to a lot of cooking of pasta but I did love the Irish cheddar on a baguette with Granny Smith apple. I don’t know what got me trying it in the first place because I was never really that into mixed fruit with savoury food.

Funny that Irish sweater I bought has been packed away for a long time but just 2 weeks ago, I dug it out so my sister could borrow it for a canoe trip. It’s giant (why did I buy a sweater SO BIG?) but so, so warm. I could never get rid of it – it’s one of the few things from this trip I still have to this day.

I have ever have seen so many sunburned in one place at the same time – I have Irish in my background so I burn, too, but I’ve never seen that much red skin! It was exciting to be able to swim in the ocean in Ireland. It hadn’t been that warm yet on this trip.

Simon was a sweet guy. I’d forgotten that we had our educational background in common. It was exciting to envision using a marketing degree abroad. I don’t think it really dawned on me that it was possible before.

It was a romantic evening,..when we left everyone we just wandered around Galway till we found that gate and talked till all hours of the night. I remembered when I saw Before Sunrise I hoped that one day I would be like Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and have an experience like that and I got to,


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