Aran Island Tour & Irish Boys in Bars

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This is where I start writing less frequently but try to catch up so technically the date at the top is the date I wrote but the actual content comes from other days. So even though it says June 5, I’m posting the section that takes place on June 1 since that’s today.

So…20 years ago today I went to the Aran Islands. It was a beautiful trip and it was fun to rent – sorry,”hire” (as I said above) – bikes. It was a beautiful spot. To this day I really remember the Irish coast vividly because I found it so beautiful.

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I think about all the different people I have met along the way already. It was almost addicting, constantly meeting so many people from so many places, everyone willing to go out and have a pint or just hang and chat. So many people doing the same thing, swirling around…locals and travellers alike. And I was young and blonde and loved the attention from boys – there always seemed to be loads of them around to give it to me! Part of the beauty of traveling alone, although I did have my girls to hang with as well and that was a key component of my journey. Seemed to write about them less though…